Generating Student Interest

Generating Student Interest

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Distribute Promotional Materials

At the beginning of each academic year you will receive a package of our annually updated materials. The package includes:


Program Guide for U.S. Students

TWC's primary program brochure that provides both engaging visuals and complete descriptions of program offerings, cost and financial assistance, application procedures, dates and deadlines, and more. Links to relevant content on our website are provided throughout for more information on most topics.



For display on bulletin boards and in common areas on campus, this piece has a space for liaison contact information.


Tri-fold Brochure

A tri-fold brochure to distribute widely, highlighting the many program options that TWC offers and providing them with ways to follow up for further information.


Seminar Brochures

Promotional materials available for individual seminars offered each year.


To receive additional materials please write to


Direct Students to TWC’s Website and Request for Information Form

TWC’s website and email newsletters are effective means for educating interested students about available programs. TWC recruiters collect student email addresses when they visit campuses by inviting students to sign up for newsletters, and students can also request information online.

Host Information Sessions

Many liaisons find it helpful to hold an information session or two during each semester to introduce the program and answer questions from students. If you provide students’ contact information, TWC recruiters will be sure to follow up on their interests.

Engage Students Through Campus Email Newsletters

It’s often effective to send a mass email to students and/or faculty and include the link to the prospective student section of TWC’s website. The Office of College and University Relations staff would be happy to tailor and draft student-ready messages for you at any time.

Promote Relevant Programs to Student Organizations

You can publicize The Washington Center to various student organizations such as your College Democrats/Republicans chapters, student government associations, honors societies, Model U.N. or other groups.

Develop a TWC Webpage and/or Link from Existing Sites

Many liaisons also find it helpful to develop a page on their website for information on The Washington Center, or, at the least, make sure The Washington Center is represented on pages that describe internships and other off-campus opportunities. These sites allow you to direct students to institution-specific information about how the program operates at your institution, including credit arrangements/registration procedures, costs, examples of past internships, etc. Please contact us if you’d like to request photos or a copy of our logo for use on your site.


Examples from Affiliates

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