2013 Recipients
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Photos from the Civic Engagement Awards

On Monday, October 7, 2013, at the National Press Club, several academic partners were recognized at our annual Academic Affairs and Higher Education Civic Engagement Awards Luncheon.



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California State University, Monterey Bay logo


California State University, Monterey Bay

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) was founded in 1995 with a commitment to service and civic engagement at the core of its academic mission. CSUMB is the only public university in California to make service learning a graduation requirement. The last academic year boasted over 100 service learning courses, with an option for students to pursue a minor in service learning leadership.  As an institution, CSUMB has also been an anchor of a broad community coalition to revitalize their local community, most notably by introducing Chinatown Renewal Project. As part of the initiative, students created a 30,000 square feet community garden, designed three cultural history exhibits and opened the Soledad Street Community Learning Center.



The Citadel logo


The Citadel

Building on its mission to educate principled leaders in all walks of life, at The Citadel leadership begins with engagement at home within the local community.  The Citadel engages in dozens of partnerships in Charleston, S.C., most notably the partnership with the Charleston County School District Innovation Zone. The school and the students run a leadership day, develop school enrichment programs such as Young Authors and Smart Strengths for area elementary schools and offer ongoing tutoring and mentoring. From single-day service events to long-term efforts to pilot and document the impact of literacy programs, The Citadel is working to make a lasting difference in the lives of at-risk students in neighboring schools.  Service is also embedded in the curriculum through a leadership service learning lab course that is required in the sophomore year for all students.



Portland State University logo


Portland State University

Portland State University holds engagement in reciprocal relationships with the community as a value core to its mission of enhancing the quality of urban life through education.  A network of over 500 partnerships facilitates service-learning courses through Portland State’s innovative capstone program, which requires all undergraduates to complete a problem-solving project to help the community before graduation. One of the initiatives is a new business certificate program that prepares students to work in Oregon’s athletic and outdoor industry cluster. Leaders from Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear and others provide instruction and mentoring.



Southern University at New Orleans logo


Southern University at New Orleans

Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) establishes service as a core value in the institution’s mission of serving the educational and cultural needs of the greater New Orleans metropolitan area.  As a part of its broad commitment to teaching resiliency, SUNO has partnered with law enforcement officials and community organizations to promote violence awareness, redoubling its efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Having made service learning a requirement in 1991, SUNO is a leader not only in educating its students, but also in engaging members of the community in making good and productive choices.



Syracuse University logo


Syracuse University

At Syracuse University, civic engagement is a defining dimension of the institutional vision of Scholarship in Action.  As Syracuse prepares students for a knowledge-based, global society, it also models engagement in the City of Syracuse.  In 2007, the university took a leading role in launching the Near Westside Initiative, a nonprofit partnership of the public, private and nonprofit sectors working to revitalize the Near Westside community. This included renovating a former drug house into a community center, staffing a health clinic in partnership with a grocery store and introducing a design competition to develop public gathering spaces in the city. This partnership has allowed the neighborhood to leverage the intellectual and cultural resources of Syracuse University to make a transformative collective impact in the broader community.

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