The Role of Campus Liaisons

The Role of Campus Liaisons

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The campus liaison plays a vital role in the success of an institution’s participation with The Washington Center. This person:


  • Helps publicize and explain TWC’s programs to students using resources provided.
  • Approves all applicants through a signature on program applications.
  • Receives evaluations and recommended grades from TWC for all students.
  • Coordinates credit awards either directly or in cooperation with faculty in different departments.

Choosing a Liaison

Choosing the right campus liaison is an important step. Liaisons have a variety of positions; they include faculty members, career services professionals, deans and honors directors, among many others. When the liaison is part of an academic department, participation tends to be highest among students in that department; if the liaison is in an office like Career Services, access to students in all majors may be greater but granting credit can be more difficult. When making this decision, institutions should consider a person’s:


  • Ability to publicize and administer an off-campus program.
  • Accessibility to students.
  • Ability to arrange credit.
  • Enthusiasm for connecting students with special opportunities.

Institutions can designate a sole liaison for the entire school or a primary liaison with one or more co-liaisons in different departments. Additional details and information for liaisons is available here. Institutions may change their liaison(s) at any time by notifying The Washington Center.

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