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The next generation of leaders in the U.S. and around the world are being forged at The Washington Center today. Since 1975, TWC has been dedicated to serving ambitious, public-spirited and socially-engaged young people from colleges and universities around the world. From the beginning, The Washington Center has highly valued its network of dedicated partners who share its vision of experiential education.


Additional information for each of group of partners is available here, along with details on how to assist TWC in advancing its mission.

Colleges & Universities

Partner with TWC to provide students of all majors with opportunities to participate in substantive internships and academic seminars that will propel your graduates towards successful careers.

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Internship Sites

Give students an invaluable chance to test drive a career by mentoring those who may one day lead your organization or industry.

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State Governments

States play a crucial role in helping students enhance their learning and career opportunities.

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International Governments

TWC works closely with governments around the world to prepare students and professionals for service in their societies.

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Federal Agencies

Recruit the best and brightest young talent through TWC’s customized federal partnerships.

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Corporate, Foundation and Individual Donors

As the cost of education rises, the continued support of our corporate and foundation donors and our individual or alumni donors is even more essential to our ability to honor our commitment to providing leading educational programs.

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