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Washington Center Fees for 2015

Resources for U.S. Students

Resources for International Students


Semester and Summer Term Programs

Term Application Fee (U.S.)1
Application Fee (International)
Program Fee
Housing Fee
Spring $60 $125 $7,765 $5,330
Summer $60 $125 $6,200 $4,350
Fall $60 $125 $7,765 $5,330

Fall Quarter and Summer Quarter Programs

Term Application Fee (U.S.)
Application Fee (International)
Program Fee
Housing Fee
Summer $60 $125 $6,200 $4,350
Fall $60 $125 $6,200 $4,350


Postgraduate Professional Development Program

Term Deposit2 Program Fee
Housing Fee
Spring $250 $4,730 $5,330
Summer $250 $3,535 $4,350
Fall $250 $4,730 $5,330


1 Fees for 2016 will be published in September 2015.

2 There is no application fee for the PPDP. A deposit is due at the time of application. This deposit is applied towards the program fee and is only refunded if the applicant is not accepted into the program.


U.S. Students

Costs to U.S. students are usually offset, in part or whole, by financial assistance from their institution, their state, The Washington Center and/or other sources. Please review the refund and cancellation policies.

International Students

Tuition for the Washington DC program is the same for both U.S. and international students. The application fee for international students is $125, which covers shipping and processing for the J-1 visa package. International students attending U.S. institutions who do not need a J-1 visa from TWC pay a $60 application fee.


International students attending the Postgraduate Professional Development Program pay $250 non-refundable deposit.

International students must pay 50% of tuition fee as soon as they are accepted, and the remaining 50% before the start of the program. Please be sure to review the program refund policy and the housing refund policy.


International Partners: Please note that Advanced Leadership Seminars and/or tailored initiatives have a different price structure. For more information about how to partner with us or to create a tailored program for groups of more than 15 participants please contact the international team at


Additional Resources

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