The Washington Center Hosts Cybersecurity Seminar

The Washington Center Hosts Cybersecurity Seminar

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From May 14th to May 21st The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars hosted a Cybersecurity Academic Seminar in Washington, D.C.


63 students from 18 universities and colleges across the United States spent a week examining issues surrounding the defensive and offensive protection of online space, whether it be protecting confidential information or gathering intelligence.


The Washington Center Cybersecurity Seminar The students engaged with their peers from around the country as they examined the role and impact of cybersecurity on our national security. They identified its vital role in a global society and discussed the clear and present dangers of cyber threats to the global economy.


An honors student from the University of Central Arkansas, Jacob Holland, said the seminar made him ponder the government’s role in cybersecurity. “I think the government should step in to cybersecurity in order to maintain a sense of stability within our cyber sources of information in our country, but I also think there is a clear issue when it comes to deciding where to draw the line,” said Holland.


Furthermore, students discussed a variety of different topics including the role of cybersecurity in the 2016 presidential election, new ways of fighting cyber threats in the Asia-Pacific, the usage of metadata and cyber ethics. They also heard first-hand from professionals about intrusion, detection and responses toward cybersecurity threats or breaches.


During the seminar, students had the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers who currently work in different areas of cybersecurity and are on the cutting edge of innovation in the field. Such speakers included the Director of White House Information Governance, Shawn Belovich, the former White House Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief of Staff, Mike Hornsby, the Director of Information Governance for Hilton Worldwide, Neguiel Hicks and several others.


The Washington Center Cybersecurity Seminar women's reception


An Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Sociology at Abilene Christian University Honors College, Suzanne Macaluso, said: “The biggest thing that I want to take away [from the seminar] is the importance of understanding cybersecurity for non IT majors and understanding the human component of cybersecurity.” Macaluso added that the seminar allowed her to better comprehend the need for cybersecurity within private organizations, the federal government and the nation as a whole.


On the last day of the seminar, in order to review everything that was learned throughout the week, students were immersed in a live exercise that allowed them to experience a simulated major cyber attack. Participants assessed the maturity of an organization's cyber program in order to understand their role in a major cyber incident. This included analyzing internal and external communications as well as interacting with the law enforcement and regulators.


Aside from intensive workshops, panels and classes, students were also invited to attend the Women in Cybersecurity reception. To unwind after their first day of the seminar, students were taken on a walking tour of the monuments on and around the National Mall.


In addition to exploring the city, students were able to visit the Department of Homeland Security, The Brookings Institution, The Heritage Foundation, Microsoft, the Metropolitan Police Department, several congressional offices and the Embassy of the United Kingdom. Following their experiences, they had the opportunity to organize into small groups to discuss their experiences with faculty leaders and peers.


The Washington Center Cybersecurity Seminar participants


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