TWC Welcomes 2012 Summer Interns During A Two-Day Orientation

TWC Welcomes 2012 Summer Interns During A Two-Day Orientation

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Maha Neouchy
May 24, 2012

TWC welcomed nearly 550 new interns to Washington, D.C. during their two-day summer orientation on May 24th and 25th. The first day kicked off with the interns being formally introduced to their TWC program advisors and participating in program activities. There are more than 9 programs offered by TWC, catering to interns from all backgrounds and majors. Interns ended their first day of orientation with ice cream socials taking place at four summer housing locations.


The second day of orientation took place the National Housing Center. Mike Smith, TWC's President, provided words of wisdom to students about how to take advantage during their summer in D.C. His advice included:


  • Networking
  • Making Connections
  • Taking Advantage of Informational Interviews

Chris Mason, Senior Manager of Student Services, provided tips about the "Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Begin Your Internship."  Andrea Barron, Senior Program Manager for Civic Engagement, discussed the 7 civic engagement projects offered through TWC during the summer:


  • Animal Welfare
  • Homelessness Action Group
  • Immigrant Rights
  • LGBT Project
  • Local Green Project
  • Torture Abolition
  • Veterans

TWC is excited to welcome all of its new summer interns! We know they will have a wonderful summer in D.C.

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