TWC Tackles the Government Shutdown

TWC Tackles the Government Shutdown

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Alan Grose
November 05, 2013

TWC provides students with an academic semester built around an internship. But on October 1st, 2013, when the federal government started its partial shutdown, this took on an entirely new definition as approximately 60 students were unable to report to their internships.


Over the next two and a half weeks, TWC provided one-of-a-kind programming for these students who found themselves in the middle of a historical crisis of political gridlock. They explored the roots of the government funding crisis and how it interrupted the lives of thousands of professionals with jobs in the government, independent contracting agencies, or other related areas of the nonprofit sector.


Students also explored the various strategies that keep professionals resilient in the sometimes turbulent federal arena. They networked with panels of federal workers and nonprofit leaders whose agencies were affected. They visited Capitol Hill and the Newseum to study the background of media coverage of American politics. They even examined their own motivation for pursuing careers in public service during a two-part workshop on developing a personal mission statement.


All in all, this group of extraordinary students, backed by TWC's Academic Program Advisors, took a frustrating situation and transformed it into an opportunity to explore a whole new dimension of professional life in public service.


Upon the conclusion of the shutdown, the students celebrated being back at work. A special event was held for them at TWC's Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa, where they were treated to pizza and t-shirts, and were also given the chance to reflect on their overall experience as they headed back to their normal routine.

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