"Survivor" Runner-Up creates Becky's Fund and Speaks about her Passion

"Survivor" Runner-Up creates Becky's Fund and Speaks about her Passion

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Maha Neouchy
July 16, 2012

Becky Lee, a D.C. lawyer and the founder of a domestic violence nonprofit called Becky's Fund, spoke to the Law and Criminal Justice (LCJ) program about the fight against domestic violence. Ms. Lee became interested in domestic violence after sitting in a college lecture taught by a criminal attorney who specialized in the acquittal of battered women imprisoned for killing their abusers in self defense. This lecture resonated with her long after, and she decided to dedicate her career to addressing issues that revolve around domestic violence as well as educating the masses on how intimate partner violence affects the lives of both physically and psychologically abused women and men.


A Life-Changing Opportunity


Ms. Lee was given a unique opportunity in 2006 when she competed in the CBS prime-time television show, "Survivor: Cook Islands." She ended the show as second runner-up, winning $85,000 and using the prize money to launch Becky's Fund. The domestic violence nonprofit currently works towards:


  • Fostering awareness of domestic violence
  • Encouraging advocacy among peers
  • Promoting activism through outreach programs
  • Creating support for victims

During the discussion with the Law and Criminals Justice (LCJ) interns at The Washington Center, Ms. Lee discussed a series of topics that would help the audience leave with a clearer definition of intimate partner violence. Topics included:


  • Educating students on the warning signs of both dating and domestic violence
  • What intimate partner violence is and how it affects the lives of those abused
  • Obstacles faced in the criminal justice system
  • It was an eye-opening lecture on the importance of preventing this issue from escalating more in the future

*Becky's Fund serves victims of domestic violence and abuse. Become involved in the fight against domestic violence by donating today!


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