Studying Near and Abroad: A Profile of the Summer 2015 Class

Studying Near and Abroad: A Profile of the Summer 2015 Class

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Christian Holm
August 04, 2015

Only 10 weeks ago, Angela Quintero and Tanisha Mitchell were two of more than 500 students embarking on their Washington, D.C., internship program. Yet what was once unexpected and intimidating about their semester in the nation’s capital is now familiar and prideworthy for those students, who stand on the doorstep of The Washington Center’s 2015 Commencement.


As Quintero, Mitchell and their fellow interns prepare to return to college, graduate school or their first job, they’ll take with them the lessons they gained from the past three months. They took a moment away from their jam-packed schedules to share some of those lessons as they look to the future and the start of their careers.


Learning Abroad


Quintero, a student at Florida International University and intern with the Latino Economic Development Corporation, came to Washington not only to fulfill a lifelong dream but also to clarify her future goals.


“I always knew my dream job would be to work in Latin American economic development, but now I’ve taken on the new goal of eventually starting up my own non-profit,” she said. “I want to go back to Colombia and give to those who need my help.”


Although professional development was the primary benefit of Quintero’s summer at TWC, she explained that living and learning with people from other geographic and ethnic backgrounds – many of whom she likely never would have met outside of Washington – helped reshape some of her attitudes and perceptions. Foremost among those people? Her roommate.


“She is from Pakistan and I got a lot out of our cultural exchange,” Quintero said. “Seeing her celebrate Ramadan and learning from the way she sees religion was really eye-opening. We had bad days and good days, we cried and we laughed.”


Learning at Home


Mitchell, a student at Frostburg State University in Maryland and intern with Justice at Stake, found her dream internship waiting for her just a few miles from where she grew up. A Washington native and pre-law student, Mitchell aspires to a career in law and hopes to become a judge someday. She explained why TWC was an easy choice for her when it was time to find an internship program.


“My internship has been a match made in heaven,” Mitchell said. “I love the work we are doing, the work environment and the people I work with. And I couldn’t imagine interning anywhere else outside of D.C., this city is so vibrant and always full of life.”

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