Spring 2013 Media Mocktail Networking Event

Spring 2013 Media Mocktail Networking Event

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Kathleen Regan
April 18, 2013

The Washington Center's Media and Communications academic internship program put a new twist on teaching their spring 2013 students how to network. For the first time, the program launched a "Media Mocktails" reception at TWC headquarters, where over 30 current TWC interns had a chance to practice their networking skills with over a dozen alumni who previously completed the Media and Communications internship program. The students were able to gain career advice from alumni who have stayed connected with the program since as early as 2004.


In addition, two current students, Suzie Her and DeAnna Rich, gained valuable advice about finding housing in the Washington, D.C. area. This was particularly relevant, since Suzie just signed her offer letter with goDCgo while DeAnna will be headed to Tricom Associates after wrapping up the program on May 6th during TWC's Commencement Ceremony. Both students are excited to start their new jobs and hopefully will return for the next "Media Mocktails" reception as alumni this fall.


TWC would like to thank all of the alumni who attended and we enjoy continuing to honor our 50,000 alumni worldwide with events like these!


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