Spring 2013 Commencement Ceremony: Reflecting on a Transformational Experience

Spring 2013 Commencement Ceremony: Reflecting on a Transformational Experience

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Alan Manton
May 06, 2013

The Washington Center congratulated the newest additions to our alumni network, that’s over 50,000 strong, at our Spring 2013 Commencement Ceremony. After 15 weeks of reflection and transformation in the nation’s capital, over 400 new graduates of TWC’s Academic Internship Program celebrated their accomplishments and were offered words of wisdom from various TWC and Washington, D.C. area leaders, as well as peers from their graduating class. Of all of the advice that was given, the one common thread that all of the speakers mentioned was the importance of reflecting on their experience here in Washington, D.C.


In TWC President Mike Smith’s opening remarks, he said, “You know more about yourself than you did 15 weeks ago.” President Smith encouraged students to think and reflect on the journey they’ve been on for the past 15 weeks--specifically how they’ve grown and developed in the following areas:


  • Professional: what it takes to be professionally successful
  • Academic: how to be an active learner
  • Social: how to interact with peers, as well as mid and senior level staff

Following President Smith’s remarks, Dr. Kelly Eaton, TWC’s Chief Academic Officer, explained to students how to take the next step in their professional lives even farther, by reflecting on and leveraging the global experience that they’ve had at TWC, and how this experience has, “…prepared them for a very global future."


After Dr. Eaton's remarks, Nancy Jacobson, Founder and CEO of No Labels, winner of the Pillar Award for Civic Engagement at TWC’s Gala 2012 and TWC alumna, shared with students the idea that by participating in TWC’s Academic Internship Program, “…these last few months you’ve started the process of building a professional muscle.” In order for these students to continue developing this muscle, she recommended that they reflect on their experience by thinking about, “…who you are, who you admire and who you want to model and learn from.”


Student Speakers

Then, the following students shared with their graduating TWC alumni the transformational experience they went through at The Washington Center.


Spring 2013 Pillar Award Winners

Additionally, the spring 2013 Pillar Award Winners were given out to students who exemplified, embodied and excelled in each of the three core pillars of TWC, which are leadership, professional achievement and civic engagement.


TWC congratulates these awardees and all of our students on the completion of TWC’s transformational academic internship program.


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