Spring 2013 Career Boot Camp

Spring 2013 Career Boot Camp

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Alan Manton
February 11, 2013

As a part of The Washington Center's Leadership Forum, spring interns had an opportunity to hear from a panel of recruiting experts at this semester's Career Boot Camp, held at the National Association of Home Builders during the second week of their internship program. Panelists answered questions submitted by TWC interns on topics such as job search and networking tips, resume, cover letter and interview best practices, and advice for those considering graduate school.


On the topic of how interns can use social media as a job search tool, the panel advised students to choose a couple of social networks that they plan to use for professional use only, like LinkedIn and Twitter. Interns were also reminded of the importance of having a compelling story for why they want to work for an organization or in a particular field, as well as the importance of making a good first impression and professional attire. International interns were also given advice on the best ways to secure a job in the U.S., such as getting some experience with a multinational company in their home country which could make transferring to the U.S. much easier, as well as reminding them that hard work can pay off.


Panelists included: Shira Harrington, Founder and President of Purposeful Hire; Julien Bois, Director at JustinBradley; Susan Strayer LaMotte, Principal Consultant and Founder of exaqueo; and Pete Radloff, Senior Recruiting Manager at LivingSocial.


Once the panel discussion concluded, spring interns had the opportunity to attend two workshops of their choice at several nearby locations.


Workshops included:


  • U.S. Secret Service Employment and Student Opportunities
  • Exploring Careers in the Federal Sector
  • Congress, Campaigns, and Casework: Careers in Politics
  • Careers in International Development
  • GRE and GMAT Strategy Session by the Princeton Review
  • 10 Things You Need to Master Before Interviewing for a Communications, Marketing or PR Position
  • Peace Corps Information Session
  • Mock First Year Law Class
  • City Year, Washington, D.C., Information Session
  • Networking Tips and Strategies
  • Make Money Raising Money: Careers in Fundraising
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • From Paycheck to Passion: Jumpstart Your Career!
  • Get Noticed and Get Hired
  • Be Prepared, Be Educated, Be Empowered: An LGBTQ Perspective on Navigating the Workforce
  • A Different Bottom Line: Careers in the Nonprofit Sector

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