In the Spotlight: David Ndreca from Dickinson

In the Spotlight: David Ndreca from Dickinson

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November 14, 2017

What is your name?

David Ndreca.

What school are you currently attending?

Dickinson College.


What is your major?

Political science and security studies with a concentration in Middle East studies.


Where are you interning?

Citigroup, or Citibank as it’s known.

David NdrecaWhat are some of the responsibilities you have there?

I work closely with executives and I meet with high-level officials such as prime ministers, ministers and foreign diplomats. My job is to report that to the board and to put my judgment into the report.


Tell us about a project you worked on during your internship that was your favorite, the most challenging, or the most exciting.

I’m currently working on a project about NAFTA, which is pretty challenging, I would say. It’s quite the hot topic of the year. I cannot disclose much information as we deal a lot with White House officials and Capitol Hill, but NAFTA of course, takes a lot of my time.

Have you been able to apply some of your learning from school to your internship?

As a political science major, working for a banking corporation is a bit odd. But I work for the global and government affairs section, so we deal a lot with politics and the legal side of things.


How will you translate your work experience to your studies back at Dickinson College?

I’ve learned so much at Citigroup that I've ended up applying that knowledge -- especially on trade and investment -- to my research project back at school. I’m currently assisting a research project for the Army War College on economic development. What I’ve learned from Citi is really meaningful to my research and it's really helping the project come along.


What is the most interesting or unexpected thing you’ve experienced since you’ve arrived in DC?

I would honestly focus a lot on my internship in answering this question. I love my job; I really do. They send me to places where somebody in my position wouldn’t normally be. I eat lunch or get breakfast with, as I said, ministers or prime ministers, and I was not expecting that.


How have you expanded your professional network for future career opportunities?

Citi does a wonderful job of exposing their associates, or interns, to a variety of people that deal with different industries -- from agriculture to the energy sector, all the way up on the Hill. I’m a sociable person, so I have developed a chain of connections in D.C. that will help me in the future.

How has this experience shaped or impacted your career goals?

Working for a corporation such as Citi has changed me a lot and has changed some of my value judgments toward corporations. It’s definitely helping me better understand that I have more sympathy toward working somewhere larger rather than somewhere smaller. I’ve always been pretty small-c conservative when it comes to work, and especially work ethic, but working for a corporation like Citigroup that’s so big -- operating in over two hundred countries in the world -- has actually proven me wrong.

Finally, what advice do you have for other students considering an internship with TWC?

I would say that you should do a lot of research before accepting or applying to an internship. Although TWC helps you through that process, it's important that you know the industry you want to work in beforehand. The most important thing is that TWC offers internship opportunities where you can make an impact, for the company and for yourself. Scout those types of internships out.

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