South Carolina Interns Meet Rep. Mulvaney

South Carolina Interns Meet Rep. Mulvaney

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Ashley Bunn
March 20, 2012

TWC interns from South Carolina were given the opportunity to meet with Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) and members of his legislative staff in the Longworth House Office Building. The students who attend Furman University and Coker College were able to speak with Rep. Mulvaney and his staff about various concerns and policy issues concerning their district and state.


The students learned more about the politics of bipartisan collaboration that Rep. Mulvaney has faced during his term. TWC intern, Trinh Nguyen, asked several questions regarding the possibility of cutting social programs in an effort to save money and the potential long-term effects of such budget cuts.


Students who participated in this visit included:

  • Lindsay Davis-Coker College
  • Samy Dorgham-Furman University
  • Sarah Grogan-Coker College
  • Shane Farmer-Furman University
  • Trinh Nguyen-Furman University

Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill (PPDCH), sponsored by the Verizon Foundation, provide students with the unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Senate or House of Representatives representing their state or congressional district. This is one component of The Washington Center's internship program.

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