SMLS: Countdown to Election Day

SMLS: Countdown to Election Day

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Christian Holm
October 03, 2016

Three leading journalists joined TWC students on Friday, Sept. 30. for the first installment of the Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series of the fall 2016 semester.

Chicago Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet, Washington Post National Political Reporter Abby Phillip and Washington Times Political Editor Stephen Dinan presented their take on the impact of last week’s presidential debate and where the focus of the two campaigns will be in the final weeks before the election. CNN Senior Political Reporter Manu Raju moderated the conversation.

Following some opening discussion, students participated in an engaging Q & A with the panel. Here are some of the highlights:

Rowland Robinson (Institution: Florida State University; Internship: Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies) How will such a negative 2016 campaign impact the presidency of whoever wins?

Dinan: The general consensus among political scientists is that whoever wins will likely be a one term President regardless, which should affect the priorities of the next President. This climate could force Congress to get a little more involved, giving us more back and forth between the different branches of government, something the framers of the constitution intended

Abigail Peters (Institution: Rogers State University; Internship: National Association of Federally Impacted Schools) If a third party candidate were to rise and none of the candidates were to reach 270 electoral votes and the House of Representatives had to elect the President, what do you think would happen?

Sweet: There is a good chance that Donald Trump would not be President. As for the chances of a third party candidate like Gary Johnson getting any traction, I don’t think that will happen. I really don’t see him getting any electoral votes, he is nothing more than a spoiler candidate at this point.

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