"Room for Everyone to Succeed:" Fall 2014 Career Boot Camp

"Room for Everyone to Succeed:" Fall 2014 Career Boot Camp

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Kristin Simonetti
September 23, 2014

What matters as much - or more - than your smarts and skills in the real world? The space between your ears, explained author and entrepreneur Kristen Hopkins '09 at the fall 2014 Career Boot Camp.


Hopkins, the principal partner of Atlanta's KH II Public Relations, headlined the Sept. 22 professional development program, which provides interns additional knowledge they may not pick up on the job or in the classroom. Myriad sessions led by TWC staff and local experts covered topics ranging from how to negotiate your first salary to why the Peace Corps can be an effective - and meaningful - career launching pad.


"One of the reasons I'm here is to broaden my horizons, so I was glad to see Career Boot Camp provided a number of different workshops," said Rodrigo Lima (Institution: Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; Internship: United Planning Organization).


Hopkins' keynote address drew from her recently published book, Dangers of the Mind, which illustrates how perceptions, insecurities, fears and complacency can impede young professionals' paths to success. Using personal stories to illustrate how she defeats those threats, Hopkins encouraged TWC students to visualize their futures in tangible ways.


"I see, I dream and I do. See your vision. Write it plain. Don't be afraid to speak it into the atmosphere," Hopkins said. "When you love what you want to do and who you want to be, you will be fulfilled."


Kristen Richie (Institution: University of South Florida; Internship: Office of the U.S. Attorney General, Civil Division) appreciated Hopkins' acknowledging her struggles and failures on the way to her goals.


"She didn't sugar-coat it," Richie said. "In the real world, you try and you get knocked down, but it's important to keep a positive attitude through it and surround yourself with positive people."


Read excerpts from TWC students' career-focused Q&A with Hopkins.


TWC students later attended their choice of more than 15 sessions on skill- or field-specific topics. Andrew Douglas (Institution: University of Alberta, Canada; Internship: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) attended TWC staff member James Liska's discussion about careers in "Congress, Campaigns and K Street."


"When you talk to most people about going into politics, they tell you to get a graduate degree or go to law school," Douglas said. "James said that, especially in partisan politics, experience is often more valuable. That's important to know."


Bonnie Holm (Institution: Canadian University College; Internship: Naval History and Heritage Command) is considering a career in international development. A presentation by Stephanie Eichmann, a global membership associate for Devex, hit the spot for her.


"Sometimes the hardest part of the job search is just getting started," Holm said. "[Eichmann] helped us learn how to search the [Devex] website to find international development opportunities and told us what we need to have on a resume to get noticed."


For photos from Fall 2014's Career Boot Camp, please visit the Flickr album.

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