Renee Rhodes '14 Urges Spring Students to Make The Semester Count

Renee Rhodes '14 Urges Spring Students to Make The Semester Count

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Renee Rhodes
February 02, 2015

Only two months ago, Renee Rhodes ‘14 was an intern at the National Archives, having since graduated from Lubbock Christian University in Texas. As she prepares for what lies ahead after graduation, Rhodes wanted to take a look back at what made her time at TWC so meaningful, hoping to help this semester’s cohort of students make the most of the semester.


Washington D.C. is at once intimidating and wondrous, as I’m sure your time at The Washington Center will be as well. I participated in the program in the fall of 2014, and I admittedly could not think of a better way to spend my final semester in college. This experience will be a great adventure for you, so I want to give you some encouragement to take with you on the way.


Make it count. First and foremost, you’re here for the business. Dedicate yourself primarily to your internship, and to programming, regardless of any frustrations you might encounter. If something seems inapplicable to you, find at least one thing you can take away from it (hint: there always will be at least one). Be a hard worker and a passionate person; your supervisors – and coworkers and peers – will remember you favorably.


Make it yours. The city has something for everyone, only it’s up to you to discover those opportunities. If you like sports, be sure to see a Nationals or Capitals game. Is art more your thing? There are more art museums than I can name. If you prefer performances, there will be so many accessible to you at the Kennedy Center, Freedom Plaza, and in surrounding areas. Don’t pass up chances to see everything you can see: neighborhoods, museums, monuments, and events. Find your niche – and enjoy it.


Make it last. The memories you collect here will last you a long time. By keeping a positive attitude and forming strong friendships, your time in the city will become exponentially more enjoyable. I know I made permanent friendships in my roommate and fellow interns that I will hold dear for many years to come. Networking is valuable – you’ll be amazed by the variety of people you meet – but the personal connections you forge are what will make your semester unforgettable.


D.C. is a powerful place, and not only because it’s the capital of the United States. It will become yours in the next fifteen weeks, and you will take it with you everywhere you go for the rest of your life. So enjoy Washington, enjoy TWC, and make it the best adventure it can be.

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