Missouri Students Meet Senator McCaskill

Missouri Students Meet Senator McCaskill

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Ashley Bunn
June 14, 2012

TWC Interns from Missouri met with Senator Claire McCaskill at her Constituent Coffee Hour in her office in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. The students, who attend Truman State University and Washington College, spoke with the Senator about policy issues concerning:


  • Immigration
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture

When asked about the visit, Nicole Katnik from Truman State University said: “I think the best part was meeting Senator McCaskill in person. I would have to say that politics are one of my weaker points so this has made me realize that I do need to be aware of what our Senators do and what they stand for. I also need to be forming my own opinions about what our government is doing because that is one of my rights as a citizen. I think it also helps to meet your Senator in person because I now feel as if I can identify with some of her decisions on a more personal level, and it will encourage me to actually vote because I haven’t done so yet. Overall, this experience was very eye-opening and I feel motivated to become an active citizen and vote for the issues that are important to me.”


Students who participated in this visit included:


  • Jaronda Williams-Truman State University
  • Nicole Katnik-Truman State University
  • Rachel Dumbolton-Washington College
  • Clara Dahmer-Truman State University

[View photos of the event on our Flickr channel]


Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill (PPDCH), sponsored by the Verizon Foundation, provide students with the unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Senate or House of Representatives representing their state or congressional district. This is one component of The Washington Center's internship program.

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