Media Panel Shares Insider's Perspective on Campaign 2016

Media Panel Shares Insider's Perspective on Campaign 2016

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Christian Holm
April 04, 2016

The Washington Center welcomed CNN Political Editor John King as moderator of the second Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series of the spring on Friday, April 1. King joined Wall Street Journal White House Correspondent Colleen McCain Nelson, CNN Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson and POLITICO’s Senior Politics Editor, Charles Mahtesian. The panel gave students a look at the media’s take on the 2016 campaign and what to expect the media to focus on during the remainder of the campaign.


The panel discussed the path forward for Presidential front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who represent such different factions of voters. Providing an explanation for how these voters could somehow come to terms, King suggested that America’s constitutional framework may hold the answer in how differing factions resolve their differences.


“The American people in their infinite wisdom did send two different mandates in two elections: first, Obama in 2008 then a Republican House in 2010. Both of these decisions by the American people were valid and now it’s up to you as voters to understand the other side. Try to understand the other side’s opinion, get involved in the process however you can,” said King.


King then turned the conversation over to a student Q & A. Here are some of the highlights:


Jonathan Felder (Institution: The College of New Jersey; Internship: Circle of Friends for American Vets) With Donald Trump and Ted Cruz trying to one up the other to staunch conservatives, who was pulled farther to the right?


Mahtesian: You have to ask, what’s even the right anymore? Cruz is the hard line conservative who’s never changed his platform since launching his campaign, whereas Trump has adapted and tweaked his brand to appeal to angry voters


Henderson: And I even think that some of the Trump rhetoric isn’t all that different from some of the liberal candidates, in terms of expanding government in some areas


Eduardo Sánchez-Rosario (Institution: Inter-American University of Puerto Rico - Guayama; Internship: Embassy of Ecuador) Do you think the media truly reports news that’s important, or do you think they pick and choose based on what sells?


Nelson: At the end of the day it’s up to you to choose what kind of news you consume and where you consume it. I think finding sources that challenge your own views is probably the best way to give yourself a fuller view of the issues


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