Massachusetts Students Meet Rep. William Keating

Massachusetts Students Meet Rep. William Keating

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James Liska
February 26, 2013

TWC students met Rep. William Keating, D-Mass., in his Cannon House Office Building office to and discuss how their corner of Massachusetts is represented in Washington. Rep. Keating's district, the 9th District of Massachusetts is home to six Washington Center students:


Laura Stagliola said "it was exciting to see the amount of activity happening in Congressman Keating's office, and it was great that he took the time to sit down with us to discuss his upcoming events." The Congressman and his legislative assistant Sonya Spery also fielded questions from other students on topics such as veteran's affairs, jobs and the economy, and the budget sequester. "It was interesting to see Congressman Keating's thought process on how he planned to vote on upcoming bills."


The visit wasn't all business, however - the students also enjoyed seeing glimpses of home through the decorations in the Congressman's office, the same office that then-Congressman John F. Kennedy had during his time in the House.


[View photos of the event on our Flickr channel]


Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill (PPDCH), sponsored by the Verizon Foundation, provide students with the unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Senate or House of Representatives representing their state or congressional district. This is one component of The Washington Center's internship program.

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