Massachusetts Students Meet Rep. Jim McGovern

Massachusetts Students Meet Rep. Jim McGovern

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James Liska
March 21, 2013

On Thursday, March 21, 2013, seven students from Massachusetts sat down with Rep. Jim McGovern in his suite in the Rayburn House Office Building. The students were Brendon Grabowski, Elyse Sutkus, Andrew Wood, Lauryn Weaver, Gina Sheehan, Dorinda Abrafi, and Jesse Simonson.


The students, all from Rep. McGovern’s central Massachusetts district, discussed the congressman’s commitment to supporting law enforcement personnel and his support of federal law-enforcement programs. Several of the students intended to go into law enforcement, and they solicited the congressman’s advice on beginning a career in that sector. The students also asked about the congressman’s commitment to ending the violence in Sudan. Rep. McGovern has been very active in promoting peace in that region and shared some of his personal experiences in fighting for peace.


Rep. McGovern is also a longtime supporter of anti-hunger and food security initiatives. Several students asked how they could be involved in the congressman’s efforts in Massachusetts; he recommended they volunteer at a local foodbank, which the congressman also does. The students left the meeting with an inside look into how their hometowns are represented in Congress - and a greater understanding of the issues that matter to their Member of Congress.


Students who participated in this visit included:

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