Learning About Leadership with the City Year Corps

Learning About Leadership with the City Year Corps

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Maha Neouchy
September 10, 2012

Last Monday, the Business and Global Trade Program learned about the City Year Corps mission and participated in the Leadership Compass Activity, providing them with yet another professional opportunity that they will take back to their communities and universities after completing TWC's semester-long program.


Learning about City Year


The two hour programming event began with an information session on the mission and overarching goals of the City Year Corps. City Year strives to decrease the high school drop out rate in the U.S. Students learned that on average, one student drops out of high school "every 26 seconds." Now with over 24 locations across the U.S., City Year is uniting 17-24 year olds to work in high schools with the highest-need students. Corps members strive to get these students back on track to graduate by focusing on three core pillars: attendance, behavior and course performance.


If you're interested in becoming a City Year Corps members, applications are available online with deadlines in September, November, February and April.


Leadership Compass Activity


After the information sessions the Business and Global Trade program participated in the "Leadership Compass Activity," which provided insight into their individual leadership and work styles. Students were asked to answer three questions about themselves and then identified a leadership direction that best complimented them. Questions included:


  1. What's your first inclination when you get a project?
  2. What do you revert to when under pressure?
  3. What have you been told about yourself when you have received feedback?

The point of the activity was to identify the different types of leadership directions one may follow. By completing the Leadership Compass Activity, the Business and Global Trade program was able to identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to tackling stress, working on a project and dealing with constructive criticism.


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