The Intern’s Point of View: Zartashia Javid

The Intern’s Point of View: Zartashia Javid

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Christian Holm
April 08, 2016

University of Arkansas at Little Rock student Zartashia Javid has dreams of being an advocate for closing the education gap in the U.S. After accepting an internship offer from National Association of Federally Impacted Schools, that dream is now a reality for Javid, who will take on her first Washington, D.C. internship in just a few weeks.


As exciting as your first internship placement is, it doesn’t come without its ups and downs. So we sat down with Javid to hear what advice she has for other accepted students and learn more about her pre arrival experience at The Washington Center.


What was your reaction when you were accepted into the program?


Javid: Wow, I get to live Washington D.C. all summer! I’ve also reflected on how unique this opportunity is and how fortunate I’ll be to have an experience that not every college student will have


Talk about your expectations coming into the internship matching process. How did these expectations evolve as you worked with your internship advisor and chose your internship site?


Javid: At first my expectation was to simply be placed at an internship site that aligned with my passions and desires. After talking with my advisor, I realized how important it was for me to work for an organization that treated me just like employee and assigned me tasks that would actually make a difference in the organization and their mission


How has the interview process been? What are the biggest challenges?


Javid: My internship advisor provides me with some great resources for interviews and has really helped me with the decision making process. There are some big decisions involved with taking an internship and I’ve received some great guidance along the way - it’s nice to be reassured about my decisions


What are you hoping to gain from your internship?


Javid: This summer I hope to fully understand the objectives of my internship site and play a key role in the organization. I also want to get a big picture understanding of D.C. and see how organizations work together to accomplish their goals


What excites you most about interning in Washington, DC?


Javid: Building connections! There are endless opportunities to network and meet like-minded individuals who share my passion for public service. I think that’s a really special opportunity


Now that you’re placed in your internship site, what advice would you give to students going through the process?


Javid: Select an internship site that gives you the opportunity to show what you’re made of. I came into TWC wanting to have an experience that will benefits me well after the summer - something I can look back on and be glad I took the initiative when I did

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