The Importance of Staying Positive in the Workplace

The Importance of Staying Positive in the Workplace

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Maha Neouchy
July 02, 2012

Jessica Glazer, Associate Director of Career Programs & Education at John Hopkins Carey Business School, spoke to the Summer 2012 Professional Postgraduate Development Program (PPDP) on the topic of Positive Psychology and how the field can help both your career search and professional development. Positive Psychology is a very recent field discovered in 1998. It is a health model that helps individuals identify and explain how they can go about finding happiness in both their personal and professional lives by achieving flow, or the intersection of skill and challenge.


Mainly, Ms. Glazer discussed basic techniques from Positive Psychology that can improve:


  • Your job search
  • Your professional image
  • Your daily life
  • Your career search

Through a series of exercises, fun anecdotes and a lesson on the history of the fascinating field, Ms. Glazer captured the importance of seeing a job not as "a chore with the goal being a financial reward," but rather something you love and want to do.


The workshop on Positive Psychology provided a new perspective on how recent graduates should approach their job search.




Jessica Glazer is the Associate Director of Career Programs & Education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Jessica counsels students and alumni on job search processes, interview and professional skills, and career development. She is also responsible for all Career Services programming geared toward international students. Jessica also lectures on Positive Psychology for Global and Executive Career Classes.


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