Honda's Takanori Sonoda Talks to Prudential Global Scholars

Honda's Takanori Sonoda Talks to Prudential Global Scholars

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Maha Neouchy
February 27, 2012

TWC students enjoyed a special presentation by Takanori Sonoda, the Vice President of Government Relations for Honda North America. Sonoda, who joined Honda in 1977 and has extensive experience both domestically and internationally, shared some of the challenges and successes he has faced during his tenure. He spoke about:


  • The sources of Japan's competitiveness (for example, population and geographic factors, cultural factors, and education)
  • The current challenges in the wake of last year’s earthquake and tsunami (for example, troubled nuclear plants, limited supply of electricity, and the country’s political difficulties in handling multiple crises)
  • Honda's own competitiveness over the last three decades (for example, globalization, joint ventures, and direct investments)

As he wrapped up his presentation, Sonoda reminded the audience to maintain a "challenging spirit and stay in pursuit of your dreams," the same strong characteristics and goals that underlie Honda's successful culture and mission.


[View photos of the event on our Flickr channel]

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