The Gun Control Debate Comes to TWC

The Gun Control Debate Comes to TWC

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Christian Holm
September 29, 2015

When Colin Goddard graduated from Virginia Tech University, he immediately packed his bags and moved to Washington to lobby for gun control reform. As a survivor of one of America’s worst mass shootings, there was no other way.


That shooting was the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, one of America’s worst mass shootings, taking the lives of 32 students and staff.


Goddard joined Erich Pratt, spokesman for Gun Owners of America for a debate on gun control in America at the Residential and Academic Facility on Friday, Sept. 25. Moderating the discussion was CSPAN’s chief Political Editor, Steve Scully.


The conversation centered on the fundamental question that has gun rights activists and reformers at odds: can second amendment rights be upheld while still instituting measures to prevent gun violence?


Here is what students had to say:


Tiara Willis (Institution: Albright College, Pa.; Internship: International Rescue Committee) While a lot of this debate is aimed at the right to buy guns legally, how do we address the issue of illegal weapon purchases? How do we prevent legally purchased firearms from ending up in the wrong hands?


Gabrielle Stone (Institution: Tiffin University, OH; Internship: Offender Aid and Restoration) How does treatment of mental illness affect the gun control debate? Will dealing with mental illness in America prevent more mass shooting from happening?


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