A Front Row Seat to History at RNC 2016

A Front Row Seat to History at RNC 2016

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Christian Holm
July 26, 2016

If you had to put the 2016 Republican National Convention into one word or phrase, what would it be?

“Mind blowing,” said Lexi Desrosiers, a student at Newbury College. “Watching the political process unfold right in front of me, working with the media and seeing the coverage of history - it’s hard to put into words how exciting it was.”

Students arrived for the two week seminar in Cleveland, OH on July 11. Week one served as an academic introduction to the convention where students heard from thought leaders, party organizers and host committee leaders, gaining insights into what goes on behind closed doors at a political convention. The second week saw students on the frontlines - at various fieldwork sites across the city - from media outlets like CNN and Bloomberg, to the host committee and state delegations - supplementing lessons learned during week one.

Participant and alum Michael Arthur spent his third experience with The Washington Center at the RNC, following a stint in D.C. at the Inside Washington Seminar and then a summer internship with the Missile Defense advocacy Alliance in summer 2014. Talking about his first convention experience, Arthur told us what he thinks are the keys to taking advantage of these rare opportunities.

“I would definitely say it’s important to be your own advocate. TWC gives you tons of opportunities, but you have to go out and grab them yourself. After doing two of these seminars, I’ve learned that this platform gives you all the tools to go out and experience democracy for yourself if you put in the effort.”

Two weeks of nonstop action marked a convention underscored by awkward moments, controversial speeches and a divided GOP searching for it’s identity. For participants, it was a front row seat to history and a platform for applying lessons in civil discourse - a platform that will serve those who want to rise above the dysfunction we are used to seeing out of our leaders.

Many convention students will venture to Washington next january for the final installment of the campaign 2016 seminar series for Inside Washington 2017: The Presidential Inauguration. This seminar ties together concepts from the RNC and DNC seminars with a focus on how the next President can unite an America that has lost trust in it’s political process.

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