Fitchburg State University Student Meets Rep. Welch

Fitchburg State University Student Meets Rep. Welch

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Ashley Bunn
March 20, 2012

Danny Bolam, TWC intern from Fitchburg State University, met with Rep. Peter Welch and a member of his legislative staff.  Danny spoke with Rep. Welch about various state and national issues such as Hurricane Irene, the Homestar Bill and withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.


When asked about the visit, Danny thought that “being able to speak with a representative or senator has demonstrated how easy it is to influence the government and how willing and open the official is to help when he/she can. It’s great knowing that my Congressman could make a little time for me today. Overall, I think the meeting went really well and it was a really great opportunity to meet with Congressman Welch.”


Student who participated in the visit

Danny Bolam-Fitchburg State University


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