First Annual Alumni Awards Breakfast

First Annual Alumni Awards Breakfast

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Maha Neouchy
October 07, 2013

The first Alumni Awards Breakfast took place on Monday, October 7th in the Blinken Auditorium of TWC's Residential Academic Facility in NoMa. More than 70 alumni, students and staff members came together to recognize two outstanding alumni who have made a serious impact in their communities and have given their time and expertise to help develop the next generation of TWC global leaders.


  • Karen Price-Ward ('92), corporate community affairs manager at Southwest Airlines
  • T. Sean Herbert ('89), TV news producer at CBS

"Paying It Forward"


For decades, TWC has taken pride in its alumni who continue to pay it forward through their contributions to their communities. Alumni attend events hosted by Alumni Regional Committees (ARCs) in other states, network at receptions with current interns, and speak on a number of professional development panels. The Alumni Awards Breakfast gave TWC a chance to recognize two alumni who have gone above and beyond, "paying it forward" to the generations of students who have come after them.


Karen Price-Ward was the recipient of the Alumni Engagement Award. As the Southwest Airlines Corporate Community Affairs Manager, she manages strong relationships with key businesses, political leaders and top influencers in the African American, Hispanic, Asian, women, senior, military and LGBT communities across the country. Because of her role at Southwest, Price-Ward is able to provide many current students participating in TWC's academic internships with Southwest airline vouchers to those who otherwise could not afford travel to Washington, D.C. She has also spoken on a number of panels, from the Roundtable on Civil Society and Social Responsibility, which took place earlier this year, to the Lobbyists, Legislators and Policy-Makers Panel, discussing the relationships between lobbyists and legislators and how they aid in promoting policy-making. Upon receiving the award, she described her relationship with TWC as "a mutual fit…and I believe that for a couple of reasons. First, because TWC truly values partnerships; they value the students, and they value their alumni. I also believe that because of TWC, I have really grown in my development and I'm a better person." Price-Ward ended by asking alumni in the audience to "pay it forward; to give back and to show current students how they can reach their full potential."


T. Sean Herbert attended the event with his wife, Taryn, and received the first Alumni Achievement Award. Herbert is an award-winning network TV news producer who has traveled the world for his broadcast journalism career at major networks such as ABC and CBS. He has worked with notable journalists and professionals such as Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, Steve Kroft, Dan Rather, Charlie Rose and Scott Pelley. Herbert was presented with this award to honor his outstanding career, first launched and shaped by his internship at USA Today, while attending TWC. After receiving the Alumni Achievement Award, Herbert reminisced about his experience over two decades ago, and provided insight as to why his successful career was ignited during his time at TWC. This internship, which his mentors at Rutgers University encouraged, laid the groundwork for his future career as a broadcast journalist. Herbert added that because of the flexibility of TWC's founder, Bill Burke, and the staff in 1989, he was able to get his "hands dirty and cover the Hill as a real reporter. USA Today gave me a lot of opportunities. I was so surprised to be getting bylines, being able to actually report, and contribute in a small but a significant way." Herbert is still grateful and has "such fond memories of my time at TWC working on the Hill, having a press credential, and working as a staff member of USA Today, even if it was only for a few months." By the end, it was clear that his message was aligned with that of Price-Ward's: "paying it forward is the goal here."


Celebrating 50,000 Alumni Worldwide


The Alumni Awards Breakfast gave alumni the opportunity to recognize two outstanding individuals. TWC will continue to celebrate the achievements of professionals who received experiential education opportunities that have put them in a position to give back and positively influence the next generation of leaders who come through TWC's academic internship programs and seminars.


If you are a TWC alumna or alumnus or know any TWC alumni with a great story of achievement or civic engagement, feel free to reach out to TWC's Alumni Department at

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