Fall 2012 International Festival

Fall 2012 International Festival

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Maha Neouchy
November 09, 2012

The Fall 2012 International Festival took place in the Blinken Auditorium for the eighth time since TWC's Student Services and International Team launched the first one in the spring of 2009. The goal of the event is to provide international students with an opportunity to showcase cultural aspects from their home countries. The night included a number of activities including:


  • Information tables, where students learned fun facts about each international country and offered a number of delicious finger foods
  • A dinner buffet
  • A talent show featuring live music and dance performances
  • A DJ specializing in music from around the world

TWC had 16 international countries represented and 125 international students who attended the event. The countries included:


1. Belgium

2. Brazil

3. Canada

4. China

5. India

6. Kazakhstan

7. Kyrgyzstan

8. Mexico

9. Panama

10. Puerto Rico

11. Republic of Moldova

12. Russia

13. Singapore

14. South Korea

15. Tajikistan

16. Turkmenistan


After Puerto Rico won first place for "Best Cuisine of the Night," the festival continued with a fashion show, where fall interns donned traditional garb from their native countries and ended with 15 talent performances. The crowd went wild during the Bollywood number performed by Indian fall interns Justin Joseph, Kasturi Pal and Urvashi Banerjea, as well as Panamaninan fall intern Marianne Ricord's rendition of "A Puro Dolor."


Other performances included:


  • "Taborera" performed by Panamanian fall interns Anibal Cardenas, Carina Chung, Franklin Gomez, Denisse Gonzalez, Priscilla Martinez, Marianne Ricord and Delia Zuniga
  • "Korean Pop" performed by South Korean fall intern, Chanjoon Kim
  • Beatbox performance by Mexican fall intern, Juan Carlos Camarena
  • "China is Tea Scent," a traditional tea ceremony, performed by Chinese fall intern, Tianyin Lu
  • "Popurri Mexicano," performed by Mexican fall interns Paola Aldrete, Gerardo Audelo and Gaspar Trueba
  • "Contigo Aprendi" performed by Mexican fall intern Miriam Rivas Ponce
  • "Kara Zhorga" performed by Kazakh fall intern, Kuralay Baisalbayeva
  • "El Jarabe Tapatio" performed by Mexican fall interns Mariana Aguilar, Paola Aldvete, Gaspor Trueba and Eduard Vidalis
  • "Come Me Duele" performed by Mexican fall interns Maria Andrea Sanfeliz and Gaspar Trueba
  • "Kaydasyn" performed by Kyrgystani fall intern, Khislat Zhuraeva
  • "Preciosa" performed by Puerto Rican fall intern, Monica Rocafort
  • "PTY Crew" performed by Panamanian fall interns Anibal Cardenas, Carina Chung, Denisse Gonzalez, Priscilla Martinez, Marianne Ricord and Delia Zuniga
  • A special dance presentation performed by Puerto Rican fall interns Natalia Bigay, Samara Bigay, Steven Caraballo, Lyanne Claudio, Amikar CruzLeandra Davila, Issac Feliciano, Christopher Santiago and Jose Torres

It was a fantastic night encompassing some of the most culturally diverse aspects of TWC's fall interns!


[View photos of the event on our Flickr channel]

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