Exploring the future of global commerce policy: eBay partners with Business and Global Trade program

Exploring the future of global commerce policy: eBay partners with Business and Global Trade program

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July 09, 2014

The pace of rapidly advancing technology transforms global commerce on a near-daily basis. Government regulations – overseeing everything from customs to postal services to intellectual property protection – struggle to keep up, creating an ever-changing playing field that challenges even the world’s most successful corporations. Well-known companies like eBay, Inc. turn to the next generation of workforce leaders to help research and address these critical issues – and they’re finding many of these bright young minds at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.


Brian Bieron, a TWC alumnus and eBay’s senior director of global public policy, spoke with students in the Business and Global Trade program in July about topics his think tank, eBay Main Street, is tackling to improve outcomes for policymakers, consumers and industry across the globe.


“Over the next ten years, the fastest growth in the internet economy will happening in mobile technology and in developing countries like Nigeria, India and Indonesia,” Bieron said, sharing a slide of statistics from some of eBay Main Street’s latest research. “We need to identify ways that we can streamline policy around the world to further reduce barriers to growth,” like language, logistics and government regulations.


Such unexplored areas in global commerce policy offer unique opportunities for college students and young professionals, Bieron said. He invited them to work with faculty members or colleagues to conduct research on questions that interest them in an attempt to discover answers that could make indelible marks on their companies, industries – and their personal careers. eBay can offer its support for such studies, Bieron says – partnerships that not only launch young careers but make significant impacts on the corporations involved.

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