Day in the Life of a New LivingSocial Employee

Day in the Life of a New LivingSocial Employee

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Maha Neouchy
June 25, 2013

Interns from TWC's summer 2013 Postgraduate Professional Development Program (PPDP) attended a new employee orientation and tour of LivingSocial, located on New York Avenue in Washington, D.C. Andrew Dolan, manager of culture at LivingSocial, hosted the program Monday morning, June 17th, and provided a background on the innovative online business marketing platform that launched in 2007.


New Employee Orientation


During the orientation, TWC interns, along with new LivingSocial employees, were provided with insight into how the company was established. Dolan discussed the company's history and culture, how LivingSocial works, customers and benefits.

LivingSocial's Key to Success


Dolan explained that the company's distinctive "spin on content" is what has made LivingSocial so successful and unique. He went on to say that, "you will see things you will not see in other places. You can't have these types of experiences anywhere else other than through LivingSocial."


Whether it's a night of sushi, sake and sumo wrestling or amazing discounts on a Black Eyed Peas concert in Miami, LivingSocial prioritizes their consumers. The company prides itself on offering their customers the chance to discover new parts of the city in a special way, with access to discounts and features that would not otherwise be offered through a normal retail or dining experience.


Dolan went through the various LivingSocial offerings which include daily deals, live events, takeout and delivery, merchant deals and more.

Advice for the Real World


After the tour of the casual and fun office, Dolan along with Monica Grandy and Amanda Reed, two TWC alumni who have been full-time employees at LivingSocial for the last two years, provided career advice that could apply during any professional's job search. They first began by discussing the original name of LivingSocial. The company was initially called "Hungry Machine" and the company built their values around that name. They discussed, "what fuels every [Living Social] employee's hungry machine":


  • Live Hungry: Be aggressive. Have an appetite to learn, test and do more. Be an entrepreneur and move fast.
  • Make Strong Moves: Be nervous about some decisions, take smart risks.
  • Recognize Others: Stand behind an idea, even if small, that can accelerate the company. Rely on results and be open to change.
  • Surprise & Delight: Show respect, be honest, work together and praise those who go the extra mile or push limits.
  • Champion Good Ideas: Deliver great experience and take an opportunity to do the unexpected. Ask how good can be great.

Grandy is an alumna of Dickinson College and participated in TWC's Media and Communications Program in 2010. She completed her internship with Double R Productions and had extensive experience in TV production. She never predicted that she would end up in a sales role at LivingSocial but, "kept an open mind," and advised interns to do the same.


Reed is an alumna of Emerson College and completed TWC's Media and Communications Program in 2009. She is now an Editor at LivingSocial and provided the following advice to interns: "make connections and send thank you notes." She actually obtained her job at LivingSocial through a connection at her internship. Much like Grandy, she also noted that it is important to "stay in touch with people and to be open to any opportunity."


A Special Thanks


TWC would like to thank Andrew Dolan and our alumni, Monica Grandy and Amanda Reed, for hosting summer 2013 interns at LivingSocial. The experience was both comprehensive and insightful for everyone who attended.


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