Up, Close and Personal with C-SPAN's CEO, Brian Lamb

Up, Close and Personal with C-SPAN's CEO, Brian Lamb

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Maha Neouchy
July 09, 2012

TWC hosted their second SMLS of the summer semester with Brian Lamb, the founder, chairman and CEO of C-SPAN. Traditionally, students have been known to ask questions during these sessions but during the July 9th SMLS, the tables were turned when Mr. Lamb interviewed TWC students on topics such as:


  • Lessons learned during internships
  • Views on the upcoming election
  • Life in D.C.
  • Perspectives on politics and the media

Jer'Mykeal McCoy, a student in the Media and Communications program and intern at TWG Sports in Bethesda, Maryland, told Mr. Lamb about the most valuable lesson he has learned during his internship. He shared that for the first time he "is being held accountable and is responsible for having answers to tough questions." Jer'Mykeal also expounded on his "opportunity to contact NFL camps and sell market products," which has allowed him to take his knowledge of Mass Communications at Tennessee State University from the classroom to the real world.


Mr. Lamb decided to lighten the mood by asking interns what they would tell their best friends about their experience in D.C. upon returning back to their hometowns or university campuses. Julie Garey, a student in the Postgraduate Professional Development Program and an intern at the National Defense University, told the audience that what she would share with her best friend is about the value of "figuring out what I want in terms of my career." As many of us know, this is no easy task, especially in a day and age where figuring out what you don't like is just as important figuring out what you're passionate about!


Before the SMLS ended, Mr. Lamb asked the audience to raise their hands if they watch C-SPAN or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was shocked to find that almost every hand in the room went up when Jon Stewart's name was mentioned. When Cleo Johnson, a student in the Political Leadership Program and an intern at mCapitol Management, was interviewed by Mr. Lamb about the popularity of The Daily Show, she felt this was due to that fact that "both life and real news are so ridiculous. Jon Stewart has a gift when it comes to pointing that ridiculousness out."


The SMLS was an interactive and open discussion between an influential media figurehead and students,  providing each intern with the opportunity to reflect on their professional and personal experiences so far in D.C.


[View photos of the event on our Flickr channel]

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