Arizona Students Meet Rep. Quayle

Arizona Students Meet Rep. Quayle

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Ashley Bunn
June 19, 2012

TWC interns from Arizona met with Rep. Ben Quayle in the congressman’s office in the Longworth House Office Building in Washington, D.C. The students that attend Arizona State University and Wake Forest University, spoke with the congressman about policy issues concerning:


  • Immigration
  • Border Control
  • Operation Fast & Furious
  • Campaigning

When asked about the visit, Kelsey Smith from Wake Forest University said: “I was really surprised that I was able to actually meet with my representative himself, because he had just introduced a bill the day before. I was so extremely impressed by him; I dropped off thank you notes the next day!”


Deanna Karras from Arizona State University had this to say about her PPDCH visit with Rep. Quayle: “Our PPDCH visit increased my knowledge of a civic engagement issue in my community by Congressman Quayle telling us how Operation Fast and the Furious will be affecting Arizona as well.”


Students who participated in this visit included:


[View photos of the event on our Flickr channel]


Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill (PPDCH), sponsored by the Verizon Foundation, provide students with the unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Senate or House of Representatives representing their state or congressional district. This is one component of The Washington Center's internship program.

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