All TWC Students Are Neighbors, Thanks to New Housing Complex

All TWC Students Are Neighbors, Thanks to New Housing Complex

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Christian Holm
August 22, 2014

One of the greatest components of a semester at The Washington Center is the living-learning environment that student housing provides. This fall TWC will bolster this environment by opening up additional living space at the new Flats130 apartment complex.


Located just steps from TWC’s main living complex at the Residential and Academic Facility, Flats130 will significantly expand TWC’s housing capabilities and increase TWC’s presence in the NoMA neighborhood, further solidifying the area as a higher education hub in D.C.


Flats130 is the next step in realizing TWC’s long term vision of bringing students together in one central living learning environment. Kevin Nunley, managing director of student services at TWC, explains why Flats130 will be such an important addition not only for TWC, but for the community as well.


“Having all of our interns in NOMA is a wonderful opportunity and will enhance our students’ experiences academically, professionally, and personally," Nunley explains. "Our footprint in the neighborhood will continue to grow as more and more of our interns have positive impacts on the community through their civic engagement efforts and simply by being good neighbors.”


TWC students engage in a lot of cultivating activities during their time in D.C, but one of the most important aspects of the experience is having nearly 500 other students available as a resource during the semester. Whether it is attending networking events, helping one another with coursework, or enjoying the vast social scene that DC has to offer, the bond that is created among TWC students is one that lasts well beyond the semester.


Check out Flats130's Flickr album.

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