Health Services
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The Washington Center provides its students with listings of the best medical and health resources available while they are interning in D.C. Remember, all interns with TWC must carry health insurance in order to be enrolled in any of TWC’s programs.

While TWC does not have a health clinic of its own, here are a variety of resources and places to call for services, if needed.

If an emergency situation requires that you immediately leave Washington, D.C., please notify your Alum in Residence and LEAD Advisor. If The Washington Center offices are closed, please leave a message on voice mail or call the morning of the next business day.

Note: If you are planning to be away for more than a night or weekend, please tell your roommate or your Alum in Residence. If a student's whereabouts are unknown for more than 48 consecutive hours, a missing person's report will be filed with the police.


Health Insurance

If you are interested in temporary health care coverage while you are in Washington, D.C., please find information below on a provider that can help meet your needs.

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