Housing and Student Services
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Housing and Student Services

What does a professional living environment mean?

You will be residing in a professional living community that will complement your VET Initiative experience. The TWC Office of Student Services and Community Life will treat you as a working professional – we will give you the independence to make your own decisions, while holding you accountable to the expectations and guidelines outlined in the TWC Code of Conduct.


What is an Alum in Residence?

Each resident has access to an Alum-in-Residence who lives within their community. These live-in volunteers, who have previously completed a TWC program, foster your professional living environment and support your personal development. Alumni-in-Residence additionally serve primarily as mentors and community builders in addition to being emergency responders, and your connection to resources that will sustain you in your time here in Washington.


What does my housing fee cover?

The Washington Center provides furnished apartments – including housewares (i.e. pots, pans, coffee maker, eating utensils, plates, drinking glasses, etc.) – a washer and dryer in each unit, iron and ironing board, and amenities such as a fitness center, computer lab, and 24/7 concierge service. All utilities are covered including cable and internet.


How do I benefit from using TWC housing?

TWC housing offers you several advantages:

  • Guaranteed accommodations. Just log in to the Community Life Portal utilizing the credentials you receive from the Office of Student Services and Community Life and complete your community profile by the deadline.
  • Convenience of avoiding the stress of contracting short-term housing service for provided amenities - including furniture, internet, and utilities!
  • Easy access to your internship and local attractions due to our close proximity to the NoMa Metro station.
  • Available assistance, 24 hours a day provided by professional Student Services and Community Life staff.
  • Community environment for living and interacting with your fellow interns.

What do I need to provide/bring for my housing?

You will need to provide:

  • your own linens (e.g. sheets (twin long), pillow(s), blanket/comforter, etc.)
  • towels for the kitchen and bathroom
  • your own toiletries
  • cleaning supplies (broom and mop provided)
  • dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent
  • toilet paper and paper towels
  • clothes hangers

Your bedroom will either have one large closet to share with your roommate or two smaller closets (one for you and one for your roommate).


You will be here for 10 weeks so please bring enough clothes that you deem necessary. Three business professional outfits is the minimum recommended with plenty of business professional shirts to match your business professional outfits.


You will have wireless internet in your apartment and also in your assigned buildings lounge area. There is also a computer lab at the TWC housing facilities with a pay to print/copy/scan feature. Your apartment comes with a TV in the family room with basic cable channels (there is no TV in the bedroom). There is no DVD player provided for your apartment. You can bring a TV for your bedroom, however, TWC does not guarantee that you will have access to cable in your bedroom.


Please use your best judgment when determining what items to pack and what to purchase when you arrive. There are plenty of stores in the area where you can purchase these items once you arrive in Washington, D.C. Please keep in mind that if you arrive to check-in after stores close that TWC does not have any sheets or linens to loan.


Can I ship my belongings to where I will be staying before check-in?

We cannot accept any packages that are not for current residents at our buildings. Any packages that are received will be returned to sender prior to your arrival.


In which residential location will I reside?

All participants should expect to be placed within the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) in the NoMa district. Should the RAF be filled to capacity, TWC guarantees placement in equivalent apartments in a nearby location in the NoMa district (provided that you complete the Community Profile and submit the housing security deposit by the final deadline). We do not consider requests for specific building assignments outside of the RAF.


Can I request a roommate?

Yes, you can request a roommate by completing the community profile "Roommate Search" section by the Priority Deadline. You will need to create a screen name and profile description for your roommate search. You can then search for a specific roommate and invite them to room with you. Please note that roommate requests must be mutual to be honored. While we try to accommodate preferences, not all requests can be honored.


How do I find out information about my roommate?

Roommate information will be released approximately two weeks before your designated day of check-in.


How do you match roommates?

Roommates are matched based on a variety of factors. Unless you request a roommate, matches are primarily based on the information submitted in your community profile.


Are all apartments and bedrooms the same size?

Apartments are generally 950 to 1,050 square feet and layouts differ apartment to apartment.


What is the purpose of the $300 housing security deposit?

Overview: In order to confirm a space in TWC housing, both a Community Profile and a $300 deposit are necessary.


The Community Profile includes applying for housing, parking, late arrival, disability accommodations, uploading your professional photo for your TWC ID, and it gives TWC your emergency contacts during your stay.


The housing security deposit serves two main purposes:

  • It reserves a spot for you within TWC’s housing.
  • It is a “hold” for any damages within your living space and/or the replacement of lost keys/access cards, IDs or other materials you’ll receive at check-in.

You can use a debit or credit card through the Community Life portal to make the housing deposit as a part of completing the Community Profile. TWC views the housing security deposit as an individual responsibility even if your program and housing fees are paid by others.


Accounting for Damages and/or Return of Security Deposit: Within 45 days following the designated check-out date for the session, TWC will complete the walkthrough of your housing, provide you an accounting of any damages and offer a period for you for review.

  • If charges for lost keys, damages, etc. are less than the $300 deposit and there are no outstanding receivables on your broader student account, TWC will credit the difference to the same debit or credit card you used.
  • If charges total more than the $300, the statement you receive will identify the additional amount you owe from damages, lost keys, etc. That amount is due on receipt and TWC reserves the right to withhold your grades until payment.
  • Within quite limited circumstances (e.g., timing of schools financial aid distribution), TWC may permit you to check-in without full receipt of the housing and program fee. If you do not meet the alternative payment terms resulting in your eviction, your security deposit is forfeited.

    Damage Assessment: Most of TWC housing is in shared apartments and the expectation is one of a shared responsibility to care for the unit as a reasonable person would. Absent an occupant assuming responsibility for damages, any damage charges will be shared evenly across all occupants. “Damages” includes cost of repair, excessive cleaning required, or loss of furniture/fixtures. You will be assessed damages for community areas if applicable. TWC commits to using reasonable standards of use in assessing damages; our intention is not punitive.


    Cancellation of Housing Contract: Participants may cancel their reservation up to six (6) weeks prior to their check-in date with no penalty (i.e., the full security deposit will be refunded).

    • For cancellations within six (6) weeks of the check-in date, participants forfeit the $300 housing security deposit.
    • For cancellations on or after the check-in date, participants forfeit the entire housing fee for the established term, along with their $300 housing security deposit.

    Submission of the Community Profile, including the housing security deposit, constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions of the Housing Reservation Contract and the TWC Code of Conduct. Receipt of this Community Profile and housing security deposit guarantees one bed space in housing provided by The Washington Center, if submitted within the appropriate term or program deadline.


    If I am a person with a disability, how do I receive accommodations?

    All persons with disabilities (physical or cognitive disability) should note accommodations and documentation within the community profile. If you have further questions you can contact the Disability Services Fellow at The Washington Center by emailing disabilityservices@twc.edu or by calling 202-469-8090. Depending on your accommodations needs, the Disability Services Fellow may consult with you to determine the best approach for housing and workplace accommodations.


    I am interested in a private bedroom for an additional fee.

    Currently, you will be housed in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment at one of TWC¹s residential facilities. This set-up includes four participants living in this apartment (including yourself). You will share a bedroom and a bathroom with one other student and the common areas (kitchen, family room) with a total of three other participants.


    The Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa has limited 2 bed/1 bath apartments. The bedroom space is smaller and is only meant for one person to live in. In this setup participants share the bathroom, kitchen, family room and other living area with one other student. Please keep in mind that one of the bedrooms in each 2 bed/1bath apartment has no windows. If you would like to live in this apartment and have a private bedroom you can for an additional $899 for the Summer Term. If you are interested in a private bedroom, please complete the community profile by the Regular Deadline with your request for a private bedroom.


    Please note that the completion of the community profile does not ensure that you will have a private bedroom. If you are granted a private bedroom, then you will receive confirmation from the Office of Student Services and Community Life. We do not have any private apartments available at this time. By selecting this option you will be guaranteed to live at The Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa.


    However, participants with a documented disability or family housing needs may be eligible for private accommodations. Please contact the VET Initiative Manager for more information: veterans@twc.edu, 202.238.7735.


    I am interested in bringing my vehicle and need a parking space.

    The Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa has limited parking spaces available. If you are interested in bringing your vehicle, a parking space will cost $299 for the Summer semester. Your vehicle will be assigned a private numbered space in our secure parking garage. The parking garage is underneath the building and is in close proximity to the elevator which will take you right to your apartment.


    To be assigned a parking space at the RAF at NoMa, you must submit a fully completed community profile by the Regular Deadline, including vehicle information. Parking assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, depending on space and occupancy availability. If you are granted a parking space, you will receive confirmation from the Office of Student Services and Community Life and an invoice for the parking fee from The Washington Center's finance department. The parking fee is due in full by the day of check-in. If you have questions regarding parking availability at the RAF at NoMa, please email housing@twc.edu or call 202-469-8083.


    If you are selected to live at another residential facility, you will have to visit the building management office to purchase parking, depending on availability.


    How do I pay for a private bedroom or parking at the Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa?

    You must complete the community profile by the Regular Deadline before receiving a private bedroom and/or parking space. Due to the limited number of private bedrooms and parking spaces, if you are granted a private bedroom or a parking space you will receive notification from the Office of Student Services and Community Life. You will be invoiced by TWC's Finance Department.


    Do you provide family housing options?

    Accommodations for participants with dependents may be available. Please contact the VET Initiative Manager to discuss family housing options (veterans@twc.edu, 202-235-7735).


    Can I check-in at my building before the official check-in date?

    Early check-in is not an option. The Washington Center hosts seminars between each semester throughout the year. Due to this revolving schedule, early arrival requests cannot be accommodated as there is little time to clean the apartments and have them ready for your arrival. In short, your apartment will not be ready until your scheduled check-in date.


    The Washington Center partners with the Courtyard Marriott to give you and your family great rates to enjoy Washington, D.C. prior to check-in. This is an excellent option if you are planning on coming to Washington, D.C. earlier then the check-in date and time. The Courtyard Marriott is located 3 ½ blocks from The Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa.


    I will be arriving after 5:00pm on check-in day. How can I check-in at my apartment building?

    Check-in will take place between 10:00am-5:00pm at the Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa on the designated check-in date for your term. If you are arriving after 5:00pm on your designated check-in date you can still check-in, but you must complete the "Travel Plans" section within the community profile. Please note that The Washington Center does not accept late arrivals between the hours of 12:00am - 7:00am. There will be a Welcome Meeting on the evening of check-in for all participants to attend.


    Are there health care facilities close to the residential facilities?

    In preparation of your move into TWC housing we recommend that you research healthcare options in the Washington, D.C. area. Fortunately, there is a state of the art, walk-in facility near the Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa called Metro Immediate & Primary Care.


    Note: If you have regular visits to a VA medical facility, it is best to arrange those in advance of the start of the VET Initiative. The VET Initiative Manager can provide you with the contact information to the nearest VA medical facility upon request.


    Please check the website to see if your insurance is accepted at Metro Immediate & Primary Care. Fear not, if your insurance is not accepted, you will not be turned away. Here are the costs for various services if your insurance is not among those accepted. If you have questions, please visit their website to learn more information on policies and services provided. There are many quality healthcare options in the D.C. area so if your insurance is not on the list, we encourage you to seek out other options. The Washington Center will provide a thorough list of D.C. area hospitals and healthcare providers to each student upon arrival.


    If you currently seek mental health counseling or therapy we strongly recommend that you continue to do so while at The Washington Center. Your insurance plan should have mental health providers in the Washington, D.C. area and TWC encourages you to arrange this prior to your arrival. You can also look into seeing if your current therapist or counselor will arrange for phone or Skype sessions with you while you¹re in Washington, D.C. If you have any questions about your mental health while in Washington, D.C. Please contact the Disability Services Fellow at disabilityservices@twc.edu or call 202-469-8090. We strongly encourage you do this so that we can make appropriate accommodations prior to your arrival.


    Please note that The Washington Center does not have on site doctors, counselors, therapists, psychologist, etc. Also, The Washington Center does not have any contractual agreements with Metro Immediate & Primary Care. We are highlighting them because of their proximity to the Residential and Academic Facility at NoMa.


    What is the average commute time in Washington, D.C.?

    The average commute in Washington, D.C. is approximately 45 minutes each way. Since the Metro is usually the most efficient way to commute, The Washington Center is committed to providing Metro-accessible housing for participants. All the properties are within a short walk to the NoMa Metro stop.

    For more information about the Metro transit system, rail and bus maps, or to plan your commute and/or other trips, you can visit the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority website.


    Are participants reimbursed for public transportation fare?

    No, interns are responsible for all costs associated with traveling on the metro or other public transportation in order to get to all TWC events, activities, courses and internship.

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