Cost and Scholarships
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Cost and Scholarships

How much does this program cost and what does the scholarship cover?

The applicants selected to participate in the VET Initiative will receive a full scholarship, funded by the Prudential Foundation, that covers most expenses (over a $14,000 value) including: program fees, housing*, additional financial aid of $2,000**, and costs (transportation, hotel and food) for the VET Summit in Newark, NJ. Contact to discuss options or additional resources for applicants with dependents or individuals with unique circumstances.


* Participants will be housed at TWC’s state-of-the-art fully furnished residential facilities.

** The purpose of the financial aid is to help offset travel and day-to-day costs. The financial aid will be provided within two weeks of the start of the program and will be taxable.


What additional expenses should I plan for?

The scholarship does not cover additional expenses such as the housing deposit, transportation, and day-to-day expenses, as well as tuition or other fees at your home university.

  • Participants should be prepared to pay the fully refundable $300 housing security deposit shortly after being accepted to the program.
  • The amount of money required for any given term in Washington, D.C. will vary greatly from student to student, depending on one’s lifestyle and habits. We generally suggest participants to plan to spend about $150-$175 per week on living expenses, including food, transportation in D.C., entertainment, personal items, etc. We also encourage participants to grocery shop and cook for themselves in the fully equipped kitchens in our housing facilities, as this can considerably reduce the cost of living. Luckily, many activities in Washington, D.C. (including touring the monuments, visiting Smithsonian museums, etc.) are free, and as service members are eligible for many discounts at local attractions.

Are participants reimbursed for public transportation fare to travel to their internship site, courses, or other TWC events?

VET Initiative participants are responsible for all of their own travel expenses to and from Washington, D.C., and also to and from their internship sites and all TWC events. However, VET Initiative participants are encouraged to use the $2,000 financial aid towards transportation costs. Additionally, transportation to and from the VET Summit in Newark, NJ are provided by TWC.

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