Academic Credit
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Academic Credit

Can I receive credit for this program that will count toward my university graduation requirements? How many credits will I receive for this program?

The Washington Center does not award academic credit, but the work you complete in the VET Initiative might be eligible for academic credit at your home university. This will vary from university to university, and you would need to arrange to receive credit directly at your university. TWC does not collect information about whether you are receiving credit during the application process for the VET Initiative, so you will need to proactively communicate with the VET Initiative Manager if you need evaluations sent to your home institution. The amount of academic credit that you receive for the internship, colloquium, and/or optional evening course will depend on your home institution. If your college or university is affiliated with The Washington Center, you should consult your liaison. If you do not know how to reach your liaison, contact the VET Initiative Manager at


How am I graded for my participation in this program?

If requested, two to three evaluations containing recommended grades will be sent to your designated university liaison (for universities affiliated with TWC) or other university official after the semester ends:

  • Internship Site Supervisor Final Evaluation (based on performance at the internship)
  • Professional Advancement Colloquium Final Evaluation (based on attendance and participation in Colloquium events, as well as performance on final portfolio assignments)
  • For those who choose the option to enroll in an evening course, a Course Final Evaluation (based on performance in the course)

Do I have to receive credit for the program? I’m only interested in gaining experience.

VET Initiative participants are not required to receive academic credit. However, grade recommendations will be available to send to all participants’ home institutions upon request.


What should I know about the evening courses and how to enroll in them?

VET Initiative participants have the option to enroll in one of TWC’s many evening courses prior to the start of the program. These courses are very much like the academic courses you take at your home university. TWC evening courses each take place one night of the week (Monday to Thursday) and last for three hours (6:30-9:30pm). Those enrolled in an evening course are expected to participate fully, to attend all class meetings, to submit all assignments and work required for the course, as well as abide by the TWC Code of Conduct as it relates to academic expectations. TWC does not have the option to “audit” evening courses. If you choose to enroll in an evening course, you must also designate an official at you home university who will receive the final evaluation of your performance in the course. This will usually be the campus liaison at schools affiliated with TWC or a faculty sponsor at non-affiliated schools. The VET Initiative manager will work with you throughout the course enrollment process.

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