Professional Development
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Enhancing Career Trajectories

Central to The Washington Center’s mission is its focus on closing the gap between academic learning and the labor market. We equip students with the skills and experiences they need to be competitive in the professional world. Our “Professional Tracks” focus on eight key career paths, providing real-world work experience and teaching skills critical to the workforce: critical thinking, analysis and problem solving and collaboration among people of diverse beliefs, backgrounds and adaptability.


Our programs are designed not only to not only to give students opportunities for professional advancement, but also to offer our partners the pipeline of skilled talent that they seek in college graduates. Through our workshops, panels and other forums, we build robust professional skills and networks in the following areas:


  • Advocacy, Service & Arts
  • Business & Global Trade
  • International Affairs
  • Law & Criminal Justice
  • Media & Communications
  • Politics & Public Policy
  • Science, Technology & Society (STEM)
  • Córdova y Fernós Internship Program (Puerto Rico)

In addition to these program areas, we can work with partners to create a new core area of professional work and study that aligns with their strategic goals and/or philanthropic mission. Contact us to learn more.


Working Together, We Shape Tomorrow’s Workforce.

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