Spring Quarter Internship Begins

Mar 15, 201112:00 AM

The President’s Lecture Series

Apr 4, 20112:00 AM

U.S. Foreign Policy in a Time of Global ConflictDate:April 4, 2011

Time2:00 pm

The President’s Lecture Series

Mar 14, 20112:00 AM

Private Sector Philanthropy and Community Engagement Panel

The President's Lecture Series

Feb 28, 20112:00 AM

The President’s Lecture SeriesAbsurd Thoughts and Dangerous Ideas – How to Employ Creativity in Any Field
“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” – Albert Einstein

DateFebruary 28, 2011

Time2:00 pm

Capital ARC Nationals Game

Sep 29, 20101:00 AM

Join the The Washington Center alumni at the Nationals Game at National Park.

Fall Term Orientation Day 2

Sep 3, 20101:00 AM

Location: Auditorium, TWC Residential and Academic Facility (RAF)
1005 3rd St., NE, Washington, DC – 3rd & K Sts., NE

Reminder: The dress code for Friday is business professional attire.
The morning events are mandatory for all students.

Fall Term Orientation Day 1

Sep 2, 20101:00 AM

TWC Residential and Academic Facility (RAF)
1005 3rd St., NE, Washington, DC – 3rd & K Sts., NE
The Washington Center (TWC)
1333 16th St., NW, Washington, DC - 16th & O Sts., NW           

Reminders: The dress code is casual attire.
These events are mandatory for all students.

Federal Government

Studies repeatedly show that internships provide the best return on investment for recruiting new talent to an organization. Intern recruits tend to stay with their employers longer, minimizing the impact of turnover on an organization. The Washington Center can be your link to a diverse, highly talented pool of candidates who may be interested in converting to permanent employment upon graduation.

Learn more about:

The Office of Federal Relations Team

Nick Catanzaro, Director of Federal Relations

Nick.Catanzaro@twc.edu, x7995

B.A. College at Brockport, NY; Political Science and Criminal Justice

M.A. Stony Brook University, NY; Public Policy


Current Programs

The Washington Center is viewed by the federal government as a vital partner in its efforts to attract young people with the skill-sets and diversity that it seeks to rebuild its workforce. TWC has provided internship opportunities for more than 50,000 students since 1975. Twenty-five percent of our alumni remain dedicated to public service and currently work in the public sector at the local, state and federal levels.


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