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This track is offered both for students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and related disciplines, and for students of other majors with an interest in the intersections of these fields with their society and larger world. The STEM and related fields lie at the heart of many of the most pressing issues faced by policy makers today, including global climate change, sustainable development, population and food security, alternative energy sources, healthcare, bioethics and biotechnology, and infrastructure improvement. This track helps students become better acquainted with the policy making process, the agencies and organizations that shape that policy, and the larger social, political and economic considerations that affect policy.

Academic Program Advisor

The Academic Program Advisor’s role in the experiential education process is to serve as facilitator, mentor and evaluator. The Academic Program Advisor will encourage students to engage in the experimentation process by identifying appropriate work opportunities, assigning projects for reflection and providing feedback on their progress.

Past Programming Activities

• Living Classrooms of the National Capital Area event
• Speaker—FBI Technology Special Agent
• Briefing at National Museum of Natural History
• Panel discussion on environmental policy
• Watershed experience on the Anacostia River
• Tour of National Library of Medicine

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Student Testimonials

"My time in the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) track was truly amazing. As an economics major at my home university with simply an interest in science topics it was a unique opportunity for me to interact with other students from a range of STEM disciplines. Our track programming afforded me and the other STS students an experience unavailable under any other circumstances; ranging from meeting with an FBI agent to an exercise in forensic anthropology. Having events just for the STS students provided an academically refreshing change throughout the programming schedule and allowed us to grow closer together, giving us a base of like-minded colleagues to stay in contact with as we advance in our respective careers after our time at The Washington Center."

-Herrick Smith, Intern with Congresswoman Sandy Adams, University of North Florida, Fall 2012

"I looked forward to programming events for Science, Technology, and Society because each event was so unique. One week we had a discussion with someone from the FBI, and another we were on a boat learning about how scientists gather data from the water and wildlife of the rivers around Washington, D.C. I was exposed to modern science in a very broad spectrum throughout my time here, and it gave me a better sense of what is going on in the world of science today. The STS track helped to make my semester at TWC the most beneficial and valuable professional experience I've had."

-Jared McDougal, Intern with The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs—Medical Center, Lubbock Christian University, Fall 2012

“My experience as part of the Science, Technology & Society track was fantastic. I formed lasting friendships with my fellow colleagues who were just as jazzed about science as I was. Perhaps the greatest aspect of TWC for me was my fantastic advisor. She set up engaging scientific programming activities and provided refreshing insight about the STEM field. The stimulating lectures as well as my academic program advisor's support made the Science, Technology & Society track a valuable experience.”

-Mehr Zahra Shah, Intern with U.S. Food & Drug Administration - Center for Devices and Radiological Health, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Summer 2014

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