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TWC housing

This track is offered both for students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and related disciplines, and for students of other majors with an interest in the intersections of these fields with their society and larger world. The STEM and related fields lie at the heart of many of the most pressing issues faced by policy makers today, including global climate change, sustainable development, population and food security, alternative energy sources, healthcare, bioethics and biotechnology, and infrastructure improvement. This track helps students become better acquainted with the policy making process, the agencies and organizations that shape that policy, and the larger social, political and economic considerations that affect policy.

Past Programming Activities

• The Koshland Science Museum
• National Institute of Health (NIH)

Student Testimonial

Berlinda Batista

“I want to tie my passion for mathematics with outreach work to encourage women and minorities in the STEM field. The professional track workshops taught me how to sift through my thoughts and focus in on my career expectations.”

-Berlinda Batista, Intern with Enroll America, Bridgewater State University, Summer 2016

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