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This track provides students with insight into the work that Congress, congressional committees, political party organizations, campaigns, interest groups, nonprofit organizations and lobbying firms are doing. Students are placed squarely in the arena of political action where they will have opportunities to examine such critical issues as national defense, homeland security, tax policy, Social Security and health care. Participants will interact with policy makers and other influential figures and will get a unique look at how Washington works.

Past Programming Activities

• Panel discussion on lobbying
• West Wing writers event
• Speaker on campaign finance reform
• U.S. Capitol tour
• Trip to Rock the Vote
• Briefing at the RNC and DNC headquarters

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Student Testimonials

"The Politics & Public Policy track at The Washington Center has exposed me to a variety of valuable experiences. After hearing from an array of speakers including speechwriters, veterans, and international leaders, I feel that my perspective has been further developed and enhanced. As I have reflected on my original occupational goals, the process has especially allowed me to narrow the scope of my future aspirations. My experience in Washington, DC has set me apart from other college students, and I am confident that I will utilize the skills I have learned to maximize my opportunities for success."

-Rebecca Hoffman, Intern with Akerman Senterfitt, Texas Christian University, Fall 2012

"The Politics & Public Policy track is a great experience. It allowed students to interact with high profile Americans who are and have been instrumental in shaping America as we know it today. This track offers a chance to grow in both a personal and professional way and is truly a life altering experience."

-Matt Saulnier, Intern with mCapitol Management, The University of Memphis, Fall 2012

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