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Students who have already received a bachelor’s degree and are not earning academic credit for their participation in The Washington Center enroll in the Postgraduate Professional Development Program (PPDP). The PPDP accommodates students in all majors and includes the same components as TWC’s for-credit programs. Students have an advisor to assist them in finding an internship tailored to their individual interests, and they generally have the same range of positions available to them. Participants choose an academic course from up to 30 available each term and also take part in the LEAD Colloquium. Depending on enrollment size, PPDP students may have special programming or join another of TWC's professional tracks. Participants don’t have recommended grades and evaluations sent back to their college or university.

Academic Program Advisor

The Academic Program Advisor’s role in the experiential education process is to serve as facilitator, mentor and evaluator. The Academic Program Advisor will encourage students to engage in the experimentation process by identifying appropriate work opportunities, assigning projects for reflection and providing feedback on their progress.

Past Programming Activities

• Mock interviews
• Workshop on navigating organizational politics and change
• Managing up training
• Cover letter and resume consultations
• Career road mapping
• LinkedIn

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Costs and Financial Assistance

PPDP costs and financial aid differ because students are not participating in TWC for credit. The program fee is lower, while the housing fee is the same. Financial aid opportunities are generally more limited, but feel free to review possible awards.
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