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This track provides students with skills and understanding required to be successful in the field of international affairs. Students will have the opportunity to understand the role that governmental and nongovernmental agencies play in developing, fostering, and maintaining international relations and policies. Through a combination of site visits, panel presentations, and networking events, students will have the opportunity to build professional connections and gain insight into a variety of challenges currently facing world leaders.

Past Programming Activities

• Embassy visits: Israel, Palestine, Sweden, Saudi Arabia
• Briefing at USAID
• Trip to the U.S. Department of State
• Tour of The World Bank
• Speaker on human rights 
• Panel discussion on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Student Testimonials

Jillian Anthony

“One of the best parts of the International Affairs track was the opportunity to network with professionals in my field of interest. For example, given that my interest is in international security, TWC arranged for me to meet with the head of Women in International Security at the Center for Strategic Studies, a mentoring organization for women who work in this field. By organizing networking events, arranging informational interviews and tapping into their wide network of contacts, TWC gives students a chance to expand their professional network and discover new opportunities.”

-Jillian Anthony, Intern with National Defense University--College of International Security Affairs, Stonehill College, Fall 2011

Ashley Rennebu

“Participating in The Washington Center’s International Affairs track has truly transformed my life. I have made amazing contacts with Ambassadors, CEOs, Directors, and individuals from all over the world.  I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about myself and my future career path and have grown personally, professionally, and intellectually. I can confidently say I am more prepared to enter the real-world than I ever have been before.”

-Ashley Rennebu, Intern with Peace Corps, University of New Hampshire, International Affairs Program Spring 2012


Lyndsy Horn“The International Affairs track at The Washington Center was truly comprehensive.  I was able to hear various professionals speak on their experiences, provide insights from their areas of work and offer advice they felt was relevant.  This programming truly helped me navigate my future plans and determine what I wanted my career path to look like.  By the end of the program I felt confident in my decisions and more competent in my knowledge of international relations.”

-Lyndsy Horn, Intern with United Macedonian Diaspora, Monmouth University, Summer 2014

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