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This track provides students pursuing careers in accounting, economics, finance, international business, trade, human resources and related fields with insight and understanding needed to succeed in the highly competitive private, government or nonprofit arenas. Students learn about topics like the current business environment, international trade policy, corporate responsibility and ethics, global business enterprise, or the intersection of business and government.

Past Programming Activities

• Tour of the Small Business Administration
• Speaker from the FBI Financial Crimes Department
• Tour of The World Bank
• Guest speaker on the economy and the election
• International trade panel
• Trip to the Federal Reserve

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Student Testimonials

“The Business & Global Trade track is a dynamic training ground for future business leaders. TWC was full of bright, young, ambitious students who wanted to excel in their respective careers. Challenging, motivating and inspiring each other to be the best we can, we opened our minds to endless possibilities. Through my internship, I was able to connect with high-level executives, CEOs, and admissions staff from prestigious MBA schools. Truthfully, my experience in Washington D.C. propelled me into the next level of success professionally and personally. I look forward to the connections established through The Washington Center that will help me in the future.”

-Owen Odigie, Intern with Rebuilding Together, California State University-San Bernardino, Summer 2014

“TWC has provided me with great opportunities to get to know other participants with very diverse backgrounds. Also, TWC’s Business and Global Trade track specifically has brought in a lot of inspiring speakers who helped me expand my views in the business world. In general, life in D.C. has made a big impact on me that makes me want to go back and work there in the future.”

-Yu Cao, Intern with Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, University of Iowa, Summer 2014

Sander Ramboer

"I was able to build up a ‘network’ of bright minds from all over the world, whose (future) expertise I can now rely on.”

-Sander Ramboer, Intern with the Canadian Embassy, Katholieke Universiteit, Fall 2012

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