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This track provides students pursuing careers in accounting, economics, finance, international business, trade, human resources and related fields with insight and understanding needed to succeed in the highly competitive private, government or nonprofit arenas. Students learn about topics like the current business environment, international trade policy, corporate responsibility and ethics, global business enterprise, or the intersection of business and government.

Academic Program Advisor

The Academic Program Advisor’s role in the experiential education process is to serve as facilitator, mentor and evaluator. The Academic Program Advisor will encourage students to engage in the experimentation process by identifying appropriate work opportunities, assigning projects for reflection and providing feedback on their progress.

Past Programming Activities

• Tour of the Small Business Administration
• Speaker from the FBI Financial Crimes Department
• Tour of The World Bank
• Guest speaker on the economy and the election
• International trade panel
• Trip to the Federal Reserve

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Student Testimonials

“I leave D.C. a more competent, more educated and more confident person than when I started. I have opened my mind to new experiences and allowed myself to discover my passions and convictions. In doing so, I truly believe that I have secured a future for myself of which I’ll be proud.”

-Andrew Friedman, Intern with the U.S. Marshals Service, Emerson College, Fall 2012

Sander Ramboer

"I was able to build up a ‘network’ of bright minds from all over the world, whose (future) expertise I can now rely on.”

-Sander Ramboer, Intern with the Canadian Embassy, Katholieke Universiteit, Fall 2012

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