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This track gives students insight into the operations of nonprofits, national advocacy groups, nongovernmental organizations, federal agencies or cultural organizations. Students will interact with a variety of professionals who are striving to create a more civil society through advocacy, community service, and the promotion of educational, artistic, and cultural initiatives. During their time in D.C., interns will learn about the many challenges and opportunities facing these organizations as they seek to promote social change.

Past Programming Activities

Briefing at the U.S. Green Building Council
Tour of the Kennedy Center
Panel discussion on veteran’s rights
Trip to the Human Rights Campaign offices
Grant writing workshop
Speaker from the Peace Corps

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Student Testimonials

Katherine Mancini

"As a student in the Advocacy, Service and the Arts (ASA) track, I quickly understood that with a large variety of student interests came a large variety of programming topics.  From a visit to The Kennedy Center to guest speakers from City Year and The College Success Foundation, I truly believe the ASA track encouraged me to expand outside my comfort zone and embrace new experiences that have helped me grow immensely during my time at TWC academically, professionally and personally."

-Katie Mancini, Intern with National Dance Education Organization, Dean College, Fall 2012

Victoria Wood

"The Advocacy, Service, and the Arts track provided the gateway I needed in order to engage in the world of education policy and the vast system of non-profit organizations in D.C. It provided me with the opportunity to learn about causes that I care the most about from both government and non-government leaders, and it encouraged me to expand my knowledge on social justice issues close to my heart. Before participating in the Advocacy, Service, and the Arts track, I was very unsure of my future after graduating college. Now I have clear goals and a career path that has given me a feeling of purpose that was missing before coming to D.C."

-Victoria Wood, Intern with National Association of Federally Impacted Schools, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Fall 2012


Alicia Petersen“The Advocacy, Service & Arts track programming gave me the opportunity to network with other students and D.C. professionals who shared my interests. These connections have helped me to better orient my career goals. Perhaps even more significantly, our visits to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s We Were Neighbors exhibit and the Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art Gallery encouraged me to consider the ability of the individual to cause lasting social change. As a result, I gained insight that helped me grow both personally and professionally.”

- Alicia Petersen, Intern with Naval Historical Center, University of South Florida, Summer 2014

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