Pre-Arrival Programs
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Pre-arrival programs are centered on your preparation for your internship and the academic internship program. Take advantage of our pre-arrival experience channel and mock phone interview sessions. Be the most competitive candidate you can be in the internship matching process and be prepared for your semester in Washington DC!


Pre-Arrival Channel

Miss an online pre-arrival program? Check out the pre-arrival channel to find webinar recordings and video clips – all to help set you up for a fantastic internship experience in Washington DC.


Mock Phone Interviews

Here is your chance to practice your phone interview skills! During your mock phone interview, you'll be able to answer commonly asked interview questions in a comfortable environment. Your interviewer will provide you highlights of what went well in your interview and areas where you can improve. Use this time to prepare for phone interviews with potential internship sites. Test your responses, get real-time feedback on your delivery, and ideas for effective follow up questions.

Experience a Day in the Life of an Intern at The Washington Center

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