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Find a number of internship resources at your fingertips, from finessing your statement of professional interest, to interviewing, to what to wear in the workplace. Take these tools and discuss them with your Internship Advisor if you have questions - use these resources to make a great impression at your future internship.


Statement of Professional Interest

This is the short, 100 word description of you and your career interests. Since it is one of the first things an internship supervisor will read when assessing your candidacy, be sure your statement is strong, concise, and aligns with what you bring to an internship.


Statement of Professional InterestSample guide of Statement of Professional Interest

Download a sample guide to writing an effective statement of professional interest.

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The resume is the key document in your internship application that provides an overview of you experiences. It must be the absolute best representation of yourself. Your resume summarizes you education, work experience, collegiate leadership, community leadership and volunteering, and relevant skills.


Resume TutorialResume Tutorial

Find a quick overview of resume basics.

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Resume Bullet PointsHow to Construct Resume Bullet Points

Stuck on what to say about your experiences? Use this guide to highlight your work and accomplishments using action verbs, highlighting your responsibilities, and demonstrating your results.

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Resume Templates

Finding the right format can be a challenge. Simple, clean formatting is best to ensure your document is legible and the reader’s eye is drawn to the most important information about your experience. If you are looking to change your resume’s look, peruse our resume formats and choose one that is right for you.


Standard TemplateThe Standard

The standard format provides a solid overview of your education, professional experiences, work experience, leadership experience, and skills. Make your transferrable skills and your work and involvement to date prominent features of your resume.

Standard Version I

Standard Version II



Highlighter TemplateThe Highlighter

The highlighter format assists in drawing out coursework, campus involvement, volunteer work, and other attractive, transferrable skills and experiences that can be emphasized for potential internship sites.

Highlighter Version I

Highlighter Version II




Specialized TemplateThe Specialized

The specialized format best benefits students with experience in their field of interest to emphasize their specialization – prior work experiences or internships can be highlighted to demonstrate this specialization and is attractive to internship sites.

Specialized Version I

Specialized Version II



Cover Letters

The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself to an organization as an intern candidate. Your letter should demonstrate your interest in the company or specific internship role. A strong cover letter will motivate the reader to interview you, thus advancing you in the hiring process.


Cover Letter TutorialCover Letter Tutorial

Find the key points for a strong cover letter and the recommended format to follow.

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Phone Interviews

Congratulations on your phone interview! As a TWC intern, your responsibility is to prepare for your interview and approach all interviews with professionalism. You must demonstrate your fit and share your experiences and unique qualities that set you apart. In addition to discussing your interviews with your internship advisor, here are a few important resources to set you up for success.


Basics of Phone InterviewsThe Basics of Phone Interviews

Review what happens when an internship site reaches out to you for a phone interview.

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Common Interview QuestionsCommon Interview Questions and Answers

Check out these commonly asked questions. Have a friend select a few and practice your response.

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Asking Good Follow Up QuestionsAsking Good Follow-Up Questions

You mastered your responses, but did you remember to prepare a few thoughtful follow-up questions? Be intentional – your questions make a big statement about your interests and can leave a lasting impression.

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Thank You Emails DraftThank You Emails

After an interview, you should send a thank you email as soon as possible. There will likely be other candidates interviewing for the same position. Writing a follow-up email allows you to develop rapport with the employer. This gesture is appreciated by interviewers and helps to remind employers of your qualifications.

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Professional Communication

Demonstrating your professionalism during the internship matching process can make or break your chance to get an offer. Every email exchange, phone message, and conversation makes an impression and will impact how a potential internship site supervisor perceives you. We share here some effective practices in email communication and responding to an offer.


Email EtiquetteEmail Etiquette

Proofread those emails and maximize your exchange to make a good impression.

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Responding to Internship OffersResponding to Internship Offers

You got an offer! Always call your Internship Advisor to discuss first – make an informed decision and secure your internship.

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What to Wear in the Workplace

Many incoming interns want to look the part of the young professional. This can be accomplished without going out and purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. The key to dressing in professional attire, while saving some money, is to secure several basic office essentials that you can mix and match.


How to DressHow to Dress

Business, business casual, and casual – our handy guide explains the differences and shares a few key essentials to keep you professionally dressed for all occasions on the job.

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